Porto Cristo Caves dels Hams

The Hams Caves are 10 million years old, but mankind has only been able to enjoy their beauty since they were discovered in 1905 by the speleologist Pedro Caldentey Santandreu (1886-1950) while he was digging for onyx, a precious stone abundant in the region.

In 1910 he produced electricity to illuminate the cave before electric lighting had reached the village of Porto Cristo. Using a water mill, a dynamo and a water tank, he generated 16 hours of electric current to enable visits to the caves.

Greenway route on the map
Greenway Manacor-Artà

Getting there from Cala Millor

Here you the info that you need to get there from Cafe del Sol in the center of Cala Millor.

Skill level


Approx. time

45 Min


10 Km

Recommended bike

City, Trekking, MTB, E-Bike